Finite Block Space is Needed

Once we get to the end of the block subsidy issuance there will be only fees paying miners. I see that as a possibility with bitcoin cash and bitcoin, as both block sizes won't satisfy the worlds need for transactions. So really help me understand what bitcoin cash goal was? To extend out the adoption period for on-chain HODLERS before fee size became too big for those on-chain 'little' HODLERS?

I do see this sub reddit group as mainly bitcoin cashers. So I'm curious of each persons thoughts on this? It was a very big risk to take. If you believe that the world really only needs one successful functioning money. Which is what I believe.

Lastly I'm curious what people think of this article? As it's what I have read to try educate myself more on the block size debate:

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  1. In Bitcoin Cash BCH, the blocksize is increased to accommodate more users that are going to pay a small fee for the transaction, a big amount of users paying small fees will replace the block reward and keep Bitcoin Cash functioning, in 2017 was increased from 1 MB to 8 MB, and then to 32 MB and in 2024 is expected to eliminate the blocksize limit and use an adaptive blocksize limit if I am not mistaken, this means there’s is technically no blocksize limit on Bitcoin Cash, in contrast BTC is in 1 MB and that won’t be sufficient for BTC to survive long term, in contrast BCH scales fine and will continue to have low fees and sustain miners incentives to mine

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