Feeling rugged by Reddit? Why not give Nostr’s Moderated Communities a try? We have value for value, but with Zaps.

Hey /r/Cryptocurrency I'm reaching out on behalf of the decentralized social protocol called Nostr.

If you don't know what Nostr is, that's fine. I'll give you the very quick and dirty. Nostr is decentralized, censorship resistant, and it allows you to control your social graph for the very first time. It's being built by Bitcoin developers and even has Bitcoin integrated at the protocol level. We have built a value for value economy with Zaps. What are Zaps? They're just Nostr aware Lightning payments on the surface, but they're so, so much more than that. They're a true form of feedback based on.thr hardest asset we have.

If you understand fuck you money, then you'll love fuck you communication.

Nostr cannot rug you. Bitcoin cannot rug you.

I see opportunity for Redditors to jump ship and come over to Nostr's Moderated Communities. Communities were added at the protocol level this past year after Reddit rugged all third party developers. Communities are supported in several popular clients or even dedicated clients. Communities need a lot more work to be fully enticing, but the groundwork is there and we just need more users posting content there.

If you appreciate and understand value for value, then you'll love Zaps. You can HODL them for as long as you'd like, you can Zap others, or use them to buy goods and services without having to go through a dozen hurdles like you had to with Moons. It's bitcoin, after all.

What Nostr clients support Communities?

Here's a few:

  • Amethyst (Android)
  • Satellite.earth (web)
  • Zapddit.com (web)
  • Nostr.kiwi (web)
  • Habla.news (blogging platform on web)

Let me know if you have questions.

Edit: I removed Nostur. I thought it had support for communities. It doesn't yet. Visit https://nostrapps.com for many more Nostr clients.

Edit 2: if you'd like to follow me on Nostr, here's my npub: npub18ams6ewn5aj2n3wt2qawzglx9mr4nzksxhvrdc4gzrecw7n5tvjqctp424

Edit 3: Don't trust me, verify that we're actually sending Zaps. Visit https://zaplife.lol and watch a live stream of Zaps being sent.

Edit 4: Videos!

50 thoughts on “Feeling rugged by Reddit? Why not give Nostr’s Moderated Communities a try? We have value for value, but with Zaps.”

  1. I would love to see more reddit and Twitter/X users leaving their golden cages and flock to Nostr. Also people can come with their own clients that e.g. support private payments through Monero.

    Freedom of speech, privacy, censorship resistance and access to sound money go hand in hand.

  2. I don’t know if this is legit but be very careful visiting links.

    Scammers are known to target people in grief or shock because they’re more likely to make a mistake or over look something.

  3. Wow never thought id see Nostr here, decentralized social media really flexing their muscles after yet another fumble by a web 2 company

  4. I have a bunch of different wallets that support bitcoin like xverse and exodus how can i connect to nostr in simple terms

  5. Hey man this is the 1st I’ve heard of this, I’m gonna have a deep dive. Thanks for the info. 👌

  6. I guess the only thing that I don’t understand is what’s up with all the different sites available (clients)? Is there not (1) specific area where all users of Nostr congregate to talk and discuss in communities kinda like what Reddit has setup? Clarification would help me pls

  7. I need to check out NOSTR again, I liked it until the bots took over and made it a mess to use.

  8. “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

    To anyone concerned about “CrYpTo”, please don’t worry; this is bitcoin.

    Nostr natively implements zaps, where you can send peer-to-peer, value-for-value satoshis (or fractions of a bitcoin).

    It’s among the most friendly and collaborative communities I’ve ever come across; I deleted Twitter (back when it was still called that), and I haven’t looked back.

    Nostr is different because it isn’t a social media platform. It’s a protocol, in the same way bitcoin is a protocol; one is a protocol for censorship-resistant communications, the other is a censorship-resistant money.

    Back in the day, Twitter and Facebook solved the discoverability problem that the early internet faced – the problem is, it did it through the utilization of algorithms, ones which today only stoke the fires of hatred to induce eternal-scrolling, deciding for you what you can and cannot see.

    In nostr, you are the algorithm; or rather, the people you choose to follow.

    And the most beautiful part? – There’s no “sign up”. It (like bitcoin) utilizes public-key cryptography, whereby when you interact with any one of a number of nostr clients for desktop and/or mobile, a random public and private key (or npub and nsec, respectively) are randomly generated. And that’s all you need.

    – Just make sure to backup (safely offline) your private key; this is considered your password and should never be shared anywhere/with anyone.

    Some popular nostr clients include:

    • damus (iOS)
    • amethyst (android)
    • primal
    • snort.social

    Happy zapping 😉

  9. It’s a legit more friendly and rewarding place than any other social platform right now. There does require a bit more of a learning curve to harness everything it has to offer but it is well worth it. Oh, and lots and lots of trivia and games that pay you in Satoshis.

  10. That’s wild. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an app in the iOS App Store that says “the developer does not collect and data from this app”. Impressive. I can’t wait to check this out.

  11. Thank you! I love this community and I hate to leave it, but I refuse to stick around after such blatant disrespect from Reddit. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  12. I’ve fully binned off twitter in favour of Nostr and it feels as good as when I binned off shitcoins in favour of Bitcoin

  13. It definitely takes a little bit of work to use. There’s no algorithm, so you have to curate your feed. And search is still pretty abysmal due to the decentralized nature of the protocol. But it’s a work in progress.

  14. True decentralized community is what we need for situations like this, we should be able to vote our say matters

  15. Is it like a social media platform with an identical system to MOONs and Reddit? I am interested but am currently driving.

  16. Ok Nostr so i wanna now be part of it and I want something like my profile page (like Instagram/X etc.) and want to post in communities like here on reddit. I’m using android and windows. Which programs should I use? And how to connect them to these zaps/satoshi so I can send and receive cryptocurrency. Cheers

  17. Checked it out and the first thing I was shown was a German person basically advocating the extermination of Muslims in Europe. No thanks, I think I’ll pass.

  18. i’m intrigued by this idea that everything i say being a subtle fuck you

    tell me more

  19. I’m curious, how can something be both Censorship resistant and moderated? If it’s moderated aren’t you censoring in some way?

  20. So you do you use this? Just installed Amethyst and it’s asking for a key…

  21. Ok so lets assume i’m gonna leave Reddit and Join Nostr, what app would I download for Iphone, and what is Nostr? Is it essentially another version of reddit with different chat threads and communities of interest?

  22. Every time I go on Nostr all I see is bitcoin maximalists saying stupid things while they circlejerk and tip each other with fully custodial lightning wallets like alby and wallet of satoshi. That’s not ok. Think about what you are doing. You are inviting us to a place where everyone there hates half of us.

  23. Thanks, will give it a try.

    After Reddit rugpull, this is about the last place I want to spend time on.

    The only reason I am still here is posts like this.

  24. I’ve wondered about this for a while.

    If the social media platform is decentralised but the client you use isn’t, why is this improved?

    Sorry if this is naive but it seemed to me to still have the problem of overlords per client. You can change client now but often in the tech space a few big players win that battle and then hold all the cards. Is it different with nostr clients?

  25. primal.net is a great web based client and zap.stream is a twitch like streaming site lightning native ofcourse

  26. Do you recommend any tech related people / communities to follow? I am only following Jack Dorsey for now.

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