Even after a massive crypto bounce, retail interest in crypto is incredibly low – Google searches are non-existent and this place is a ghost town. This is a great sign! We are lucky that we get to accumulate with institutions.

Bitcoin did a 2x since the lows in 2022 and Ethereum did a 2.4x. The total market cap did a 1.73x. Not only did we bounce hard since 2022, there's a lot of bullish narratives brewing. In short, as you know, there's a ton of institutional interest, as evidenced by new exchanges and ETF applications led by massive institutions.

Yet retail interest is so low that I would argue that retail is nowhere to be found. The bear market and all the media narratives scared most retail off.

(1) Searches for crypto are incredibly low

Searches for Bitcoin are very scarce:

Bitcoin searches

Searches for Ethereum are also very rare:

Ethereum searches

These are search levels not seen since before our last major bull run (highlighted period):


Retail interest only appeared after massive green candles. This explains why so many of us -me included- started in 2020 and likely even 2021. A lot of retail got sucked in the market then that served as exit liquidity. Such is tradition.

(2) This subreddit is incredibly inactive now – we lost 89% activity in 2 years!

This place is very slow, especially on weekends. Between July 1 and July 11 in 2023, we averaged 1500 comments per daily discussion post. For comparison, a year ago during the same time, we had 2500 comments per daily. A year before that, it was 13700 per day!


So in two years, the percentage decrease in activity in the daily is 89%! Reddit says that we have 6.5 million members and that 5k people are online right now, but this place is a serious ghost town.

Concluding remarks

Although this bear market is tough, it is truly a blessing that we get to accumulate while most retail has left. Retail interest is obviously incredibly low. We are now accumulating alongside of the institutions. Hype will return at some point thereby drawing in the retail crowd and this will be evidenced by searches for Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as more activity here. Then we need to be ready to take profits and be the one doing the dumping (for a change).

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50 thoughts on “Even after a massive crypto bounce, retail interest in crypto is incredibly low – Google searches are non-existent and this place is a ghost town. This is a great sign! We are lucky that we get to accumulate with institutions.”

  1. ‘Then we need to be ready to take profits’

    No matter how high, we we always miss this part LOL

  2. For retail you need local news, neighbors or your granny to talk about Bittycoin.. Patience people.. Patience

  3. The more time we live under the radar, the more we can accumulate for when they realize this is the future.

    Front seat tickets to the Moon. 🚀💰

    u/Beyonderr, stop creating this amazing hopium posts, I am going to overdose! 💉

  4. Those retail that left will be back next bull season and join the FOMO train. They will buy BTC at ATH.

  5. We are taking big risks, but for institutions its pocket change. Hopefully we are all right.

  6. The next halving is coming and the opportunity to accumulate is slowly starting coming to an end.

  7. >Bitcoin did a 2x

    A good number compared to the other coins. Not just losing the amount of profit compared to bitcoin but it is still down even though bitcoin is rising.

  8. We aren’t competing against other retailers though. Retail doesn’t really affect the price. If major institutions have already finished accumulating, then we’re late. However, I don’t think they entirely finished accumulating, so I think we’re good for now.

  9. The whales they wanna keep the price low yet and don’t need the ‘exit-liquidity’ yet.

    Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  10. I have been accumulating btc during this whole bear market but now inflation has broken my back IRL and sometimes it’s even hard to buy weekly groceries.

  11. I’ll either live my life being the genius for accumulating now or die a moron for throwing my money away. Time will tell.

  12. All great signs of a needed cooldown. But price is a bit too high for me to be excited about accumulating

  13. Maybe because everyone apart from these rich fucker institutions are skint.
    “inflation” is hitting people hard everywhere and it’s only going to get worse!
    However I’m selling the skin off my back to buy more sats!

  14. Now is the silent period. When your moms and grandmoms ask about buying BTC, that’s when things are teally popping.

  15. Good I need more time to accumulate. This economy is so bad for hospitality workers. Got a second job and make less than I was before. 😢

  16. Retail is usually the last to get in unfortunately as its mostly based on local FOMO moves.

    Give it time.

  17. One day we hear ‘shrimps are buying more than ever’ and another that retail interest is non existent

    I feel google searches won’t tell you much. I have never in my life googled how to buy bitcoin

    On the other hand, term shrimp also doesn’t tell you much. Those addresses could belong to bigger fishes who diversify across many addresses

    It’s just guessing

  18. I feel lucky that I started investing a few months after ATH. I got to buy at low prices and I’ve been able to learn everything that I need to know about crypto, which would have been harder in the craziness of a bull market

  19. The year is 2050 and retail interest is still non existent!!! Analyst predict btc will hit 100k by the end in of the year. This is a great sign! We are lucky that we get to accumulate with institutions.

  20. My sell signal was the time I was at my hairdresser and she started to talk about bitcoin out of nowhere. I pretended to be a little bit confused, like if she invested or where heard about it, and when she said that it was her little daughter who mentioned it, there it was! I sold at 69K and felt wonderful.

  21. We’re within a year of halving right? There’s not supposed to be any crypto interest rn… not till it doubles in price on the next pump and then people will start fudding and call it bubble, then it keep pumping and they say it’s too late, then it keep pumping and they like “fuck it I’m in”

    Then it tanks. Cycle starts over.

  22. A lot of reduction in comments here, is due to anti moon farming rules that this sub implemented. A week ago we where at 17000 people online, which is what we used to see all the time during a bull market, but there are probably less bots now, with the anti moon farming rules, so even 7k now could be equivalent to 17k then.

    I doubt it’s that much, maybe 9-10k equivalent, but anyone’s guess.

  23. It’s not that retail isn’t interested. We are just out here struggling to survive. I’d be buying more if I could afford it.

  24. “This place is a ghost town”

    I have to browse among lots of inane dribble like this every day, so no, this place is not a ghost town.

  25. >it is truly a blessing that we get to accumulate while most retail has left. Retail interest is obviously incredibly low.

    But, what if this is all there is?

  26. Bitcoin can handle 7 transactions per second. Even with lightning network, Bitcoin cannot scale.

    Even crypto bros are realizing this.

  27. Retail broke still atm with ever increasing mortgage rates, inflation etc. Once and when things finally cool off, maybe circa 12 months, I believe the market may truly return. Never know with crypto tho lol

  28. I’m only able to afford $100 a month in d investments which is so frustrating because I just know the rush is coming!

    It ain’t much but it’s honest work 🤝

  29. Retail isn’t uninterested: retail is broke, and honestly, for a lot of people crypto expedited that process.

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