Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchain Gaming Platform Myria Token Launches On OKX Exchange

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Short summary:

Myria, a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain gaming platform, has launched its native MYRIA token on the OKX exchange, with plans to list on other exchanges such as Kucoin.

The MYRIA token uses ERC-20 and has various use cases, including governance, staking, in-game utility, protocol fees, and Myria node purchases. Myria utilizes ZK roll-up technology to offer near-instant transactions, zero gas fees, and free NFT minting.

Myria already has over a million registered users and a community of over 350,000. To celebrate the launch of MYRIA, the team has issued a 45 million MYRIA airdrop and a public node sale.

4 thoughts on “Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchain Gaming Platform Myria Token Launches On OKX Exchange”

  1. With Myria Blockchain, NFTs Blockchain will experience great scaling into gaming. This will be one of the great achievements in history. Many platforms like Okx and #MexcGlobal are creating good awareness for people to embrace and adaptadopte positive innovations.

  2. The price has been holding up pretty well since launch. I will keep observing.

  3. Dunno if people know but this is the only gaming-dedicated ETH L2, at least that I know of. This launch is huge.

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