Ethereum Founders: Charles Hoskinson

This is the fourth post of the series of posts about the Ethereum Founders and it will be focused on Charles Hoskinson. I hope you enjoy the reading and if you have tips to improve, feel free to tell me so that I can do better in the next post.

Charles Hoskinson

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Who is he and how he got in Ethereum?

Charles Hoskinson was born in Hawaii but was raised in Colorado. He wanted to be mathematician before he got bored of his profession and started taking interest in Bitcoin. One day Anthony Di Iorio introduced him to Ethereum and Vitalik because he already had experience raising money in an early version of decentralized exchange.


He joined the team and was named CEO in December 2013 having an important role in setting up the Swiss Foundation and the legal framework. He was pro making ETH a pro-profit corporation which was not greatly accepted by the team so ETH team showed him the exit door.

After Ethereum

Hoskinson decided to support Ethereum classic after that and also launched Cardano. He is also conviced that Cardano will be the real Ethereum killer 🤣. And the thing that succeeds in bringing decentralized applications 🤣He also loves to talk and needs to learn to not to talk.

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  2. Amazing its still at top 10 cmc, i guess the hodlers or “investor” accepting their fate and letting their bag sitting still in hope to breakeven or profit, that will be 4 more years

    In the meantime i will wait until it touches 0.05-7 and waiting for 1$ if i am lucky

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  4. I’m not sure if having a figurehead like this at the top of the network is going to work out well in the long run. Isn’t it a major risk for tech that’s meant to be user owned and governed? He’s always putting his foot in his mouth about something..

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