ETH chain to Arbitrum chain ETH transfer/bridge help

I want to move 0.01ETH from Ethereum chain to Arbitrum chain in my Metamask wallet.

I haven't used other chains except ETH.

I know Ethereum has high gas fees but this one hurts since I got only 0.03ETH in my wallet 🥲

Is there a way to not spend this much gas by any other way? Or paying this much is THE ONLY way?

3 thoughts on “ETH chain to Arbitrum chain ETH transfer/bridge help”

  1. The cheapest way would be to send your eth to a CEX and then transfer those funds from the CEX to arbitrum. You’ll have to ensure the CEX you send funds to supports arbitrum network eth withdrawals.

  2. could be just busy time so very high gas fees.

    this looks like the same. but are the fees the same if you connect to arbitrum bridge website on desktop and check?

  3. Move to Coinbase as it is, then from Coinbase send to metamask using the arbitrum network. When you send Eth Coinbase usually asks you which network you want to use.
    I think other cexs work the same way but I have no personal experience

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