DYDX to 20$? The Big Funds Plan

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DYDX to 20$? The Big Funds Plan

Here is my thoughts about next move for DYDX and how Funds can pump it Get my Indicators Set Today – s Join this channel to get access to perks – p Subscribe Youtube channel – 2 Join Telegram – t Twitter – t Best tools for analysis! Get 30$ by link – t 10% Binance discount fee – t Make sure you subscribe and add notification bell. So you don’t miss out updates about our main coins Time Stamps Disclaimer: Please be aware of the risks involved in trading. This video was made for educational purposes only not for financial Investment Purposes. If you enjoy this video then make sure to leave a LIKE on the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more videos like this! I appreciate all of your support, I hope you enjoy Topic keywords: #dydxcrypto #dydxprice #cryptomarketanalysis

4 thoughts on “DYDX to 20$? The Big Funds Plan”

  1. They generated $466.3 billion in cumulative transaction volume and $137.8 million in fee revenue in 2022 (Bear market). After Cosmos migration, all fees will be distributed to the DYDX holder. $20 is easy peasy. haha, JUST my thought. DYOR

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