DOT Staking – no rewards

Can someone explain to me why validators are inactive on ledger live, but they are already on polkadot network? So i'm not getting rewards…

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3 thoughts on “DOT Staking – no rewards”

  1. Try to stake on You will see then your rewards in Ledger. Not as simple as via LL, but efficient. I also staked first directly via Ledger and got no rewards… after staking, you can watch the progress daily (sometimes delayed) on Ledger. You may also automatically restake your rewards on the explorer.

  2. You either don’t meet the minimum threshold anymore or you need to re bag through the portal online.

  3. This is happing same here and made me gave up this coin.

    Before I always got some rewards… but this year nothing. So, I will migrate the fund to BTC.

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