Don’t fall into the bear trap. Diamond hands, folks πŸ’Žβœ‹

The recent FUD has one and only one goal: To scare HODLers and make them let go of their bitcoins because there is simply NOT enough BTC on the exchanges for institutions to sweep up.

There are only 1.88 million BTC on all exchanges combined. At 42k that's just 80 billion, one-tenth of BTC's total marketcap. When the spot ETFs get approved, that's all the BTC there is that the wolves are going to fight over. Institutions will keep spreading FUD saying BTC will fall to 15k or 10k, so to scare HODLers to let go, and once they do, the institutions can suck up all that liquidity. Then individual HODLers and institutional buyers would have swapped places. Individuals would then find it harder and harder to buy back the BTC they once HODLed….

Diamond hands, folks. Diamond hands. πŸ’Žβœ‹

50 thoughts on “Don’t fall into the bear trap. Diamond hands, folks πŸ’Žβœ‹”

  1. Just went high enough for me to DCA out a small profit to buy a little extra at the bottom πŸ’Ž

  2. People still use marketcap like it means something. Btc ranges up and down billions per day without billions being added or drained. Just tells what knowledge people have in this market

  3. Also get ready the ETF may get denied just for institutions to buy more BTC for cheap off those with paper hands

  4. This seems to good to be true. When this subreddit is this woke we are bound for a reverse double dead cat bounce down under 15k trust me

  5. My portfolio is still up 30%. That just means I have 30% more to lose, let’s go πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

  6. Institutions like BlackRock started seeding their ETFs back in October 2023.

    They’ve already been buying for months. It more likely has to do with creating a better entry position for potential investors of the ETFs ahead of the halving.

    I expect the ETFs either get knowingly rejected and then approved just before the halving.

    Or they get approved then the institutions manipulate the price down to create a better buying position for investors prior to the halving.

  7. Black Rock’s application for an ETF, was a gift because it showed us their entire hand. There is blood in the waters now, we all know they want in, so all we have to do is keep buying and HODL. They need bad news to maximize their investment, but this tiny blip is evidence that it may be too late for them. The way these snakes make money is they foster fear while planning to buy, and sell euphoria when planning to sell.

  8. Man, I’ve seen posts like this one in the end of 2021/ beginning of 2022. We’re done.

  9. Smoke some crack and try to relax, tik tok guru says number is goes up, G U A R A N T E E D!

  10. Wait until the bigger fool comes, and then sell? Or wait until the fees get too expensive to sell? Which one?

  11. It’s pretty simple. If you have conviction in an asset and the asset goes in sale, you buy more. News is just noise for influencing low conviction chads

  12. I welcome this. I am a seasoned veteran at this point. Gimme 20k btc so I can fill my bags even more. Currently sitting at a nice 25k avg after dca the whole bear and I can do it all over again. Even more room for gainz. Bring it on! I am ready baby!

  13. Any one with that kind of buying power to sway the entire market so heavily it was obviously all orchestrated. Whole market drops 20% at once and not even 5 minutes later it’s already back up another 10%

  14. either way, the transaction volume will eventually fall. mining costs will go up, and the bottom will fall out in spectacular fashion. It’ll be a while before that happens, but they’ll shut down the fiat off ramps before the common person can react.

    if you cant beat em, destroy em from within and replace em join em

  15. Bear trap!? Bitcoin is up 160% on the year. Dafuq about a bear trap. Show me a spike to 30k, that’s a bear trap.

  16. A lot of diamond handed people simply ignore that some do not have the funds to hold and enjoy the dip for buying more…

    Therefore a swing trade is the only way- no matter how bullish you are- to fill the bag further.

    And despite having kept some cash on the sideline for a dip myself- its is effing tempting to DCA out a certain amount in hopes of buying back cheaper.

    But I deal with peanut amounts- so it is more of a hobby and gamble than my lifesavings/ retirement plan.

  17. What makes you think BTC holders/ people would hold through 2022 at 15k and be scared of going back down to those prices? Or even a little 5-6 percent dip right after a long uptrend?

  18. Let’s not be like wallstreetbets… if you wanna sell go ahead. It’s the right move sometimes

  19. Imagine waiting since 2017 for a bitcoin wtf, only to fold your hand to a little FUD right before they actually approve it. Y’all crazy!

  20. Why bear trap? I’d think the looming ETF could be more likely a bull trap, with it not having a big effect on price (or it is already priced in).

  21. No no no, IF you’re a long term retirement level investor hold your shit Buy the dip. IF YOU LIKE MONEY LIKE ME, sell at the top buy back in at the bottom. EVERYTHING is a cycle, do not get sentimental or emotional. If someone bought at $8 they SHOULD get off at $120 (SOL).

    Buy low sell fucking high, rake in your money, have patience for the next cycle and crash.

  22. Didn’t sell at 10k, won’t sell now. I don’t even know what the current prices are

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