Don’t fall for Binance referral scam

They offer a 0.003 BTC ($200) reward when you refer friends, the trick is they don't tell you how many friends you need to reach that target, and you can't claim any reward you already gained until you reach 0.003. (until you fill the progress bar to 100%)

My progress bar was 97% I referred another friend who got verified and guess what? The progress bar is now 98.77% maybe I will reach 99.999999% if I refer another 25k friends, right? 🤡

I don't understand how this shady company with bait and switch tactics like this are still operating.

2 thoughts on “Don’t fall for Binance referral scam”

  1. i feel like you’re being a bit over the top about it, i also saw it, i know its a bitch to get sign ups but the thing is they giving you 180 usd, they fill the bar to a point, then show you the staggered percentage movement, you are obviously aware of the numbers 97 to 98.77, meaning 1,77 percent move.

    chances are your next and second sign up will move it by half that, then quarter then eventually, complete

    Yes its a shitty system, granted its designed to mislead you, binance has to make something out of you getting 180 usd from them, this is their way, get 5 or 10 sign ups verified and active, its difficult to get even 1 valid sign up i know but thats the effort required to make x amount. It costed you nothing to get this far except time

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