Doge Coin Crypto 2 Simple Reasons Run is Not Over Yet

Dogecoin (DOGE) is still trading with a bullish bias. Target 1 has exceeded our expectations not only showing a broader market bullishness but also a newly found flow of capital into the meme coin market, with CoinMarketCap data showing meme coins are rallying on the Weekly time frame.
As capital flows into meme coins, Doge-coin price broke out above the upper boundary of an ascending parallel channel to test the mid-line of a supply barrier.
Lets Take a closer look and see what it means.
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2 thoughts on “Doge Coin Crypto 2 Simple Reasons Run is Not Over Yet”

  1. I think Dogecoin has more potential than just being a meme coin or a joke. It has a loyal and passionate fan base, a visionary and influential leader, and a solid and innovative technology. I believe Dogecoin can become a real currency to spend rather than hoard, and I look forward to seeing its future developments.

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