Did disabling the hidden wallet accidentally sell my bitcoin?

Hi everyone, first time posting. I'm pretty lost about this standard wallet/hidden wallet stuff so I think I accidentally sold the bitcoin that i had and am wondering if I can confirm this.

I tried to access my hidden wallet but couldn't, so within the Trezor Mac app I disabled the hidden wallet. I barely use Trezor (kind of a “set it and don't mess with it” thing I had with bitcoin) and thought that my bitcoin was in the standard wallet. Well from what it looks like, I may have sold this bitcoin unintentionally by disabling the hidden wallet.

I attached a screenshot of what occurred at the time that I disabled the hidden wallet. I was charged a fee for this (notated within the larger box), so I “think” I sold the bitcoin upon disabling the hidden wallet.

Apologies if my post was really vague but if anyone can confirm that I sold the bitcoin or asks questions then I'll do my best to comprehend what's being asked then send the requested information.

Thanks so much.


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  2. This is not how a hidden wallet works, it has no effect on transactions whatsoever.

  3. hidden wallets can’t be disabled, trezor generates them on demand and has no info of past uses of hidden wallets. You can only send btc when you sign a transaction on the trezor device itself.

    But it looks like from the pic you (or someone) sent btc on the 9th of april. Other than that, we have nothing to go on.

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