Devs trick bots into paying $250,000 just to mint nothing

The highly anticipated Mad Lads mint was delayed a day because of bots, but today after 2 ten minute delays they gave an interesting update in discord

We may turn it off but it starts in 1 minute.

When the contract went live after a minute, the devs had deployed a honeypot and tricked the bots into depositing $250,000 for nothing, at the same time within about 10 seconds the entire project minted out to 8000 unique minters out of 10k. Throughout this the chain continued without skipping a beat, the bots were only able to ddos the wallet hosting infrastructure but even with that level of activity it did fine.

edit: They are giving back all the funds from the honeypot:

50 thoughts on “Devs trick bots into paying $250,000 just to mint nothing”

  1. Lol this is beautiful. I feel no sympathy for bots and the people behind them; let them keep buying for a whole minute.

    On another note, what about the people who legitimately minted it? I’m assuming they were scammed?

  2. Now let’s put this anti bot system in every project in existence. The world will be a better place like that.

  3. That’s awesome but I wouldn’t trust that project at all after a stunt like that

  4. I’ve been around crypto for years but this NFT game is so totally alien to me. Good for the developers though.

  5. Oh my God, this is so good. I don’t have anything from this but the satisfaction, the justice, ahh it feels so good.

    I hate bots. They are destroying the fun with minting. They got what they deserved. I wish they lose more money.

    Now everyone should do this aswell.

    Nice, A+.

    I would send some moons to those mods.

  6. Wait…the devs essentially openly admitted to stealing 250k?

    Whilst stopping the bots they have caused other issues. How are they determining what’s a bot and what may have just been an incredibly quick individual? Where and who has access to that 250k?

    I want a solution to bots but this isn’t it

  7. Reddit Boss: “Quick, Jimmy, write that down!”

    Sadly though, the public blowback from reddit doing something like this would probably harm reddit’s reputation, more so than the harm caused by the bots in the first place. At least from a PR perspective, especially when they may have this IPO coming.

    New York Times – “Global-Mega-Corp Reddit steals money from innovative Mom & Pop crypto entrepreneurs”

    Smaller players can get away with more stunts like this.

  8. This is hilarious, can’t stop laughing. How is it possible that only boys got caught up in this though?

  9. There is no such thing as a highly anticipated NFT at this point except maybe reddit nfts

  10. That’s so freakin great. Hopefully, others will be looking to incorporate that. Here’s looking at you wax.

  11. What’s all this taking devs and hackers taking money then returning it type of shit?

  12. How did they make sure that nobody with fast fingers was affected.

    I know bots suck, but this seems like a bad idea.

  13. This is fantastic. if this is developed and integrated into even HALF of the bigger projects out there, it would be a HUGE benefit to crypto as a whole

  14. Sounds like proof of concept being tested for combatting ticketmaster bot scalpers. 😉

  15. I wish I was smart enough to game the system. I’m only good for buying shitcoins that get rugged a few minutes later.

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