Candybomb is a candy airdrop platform that was recently launched by Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform. The aim of the Candybomb event is to reward users who complete tasks and earn tickets with token airdrops.

To participate in the $Deg Candybomb event, users must complete various simple tasks. Each task completed will give the user tickets, and the more tickets a user has, the better their chance of sharing from the 1.3M DEG token designated airdrop.

The Deg candybomb event is currently ongoing, and users can participate until on the 10th of may. The Candybomb event is a great way for Bitget to engage with users and to provide them with the opportunity to earn free tokens. Also a great avenue for users to experience and participate in the Bitget platform while potentially earning some rewards.

In conclusion, Candybomb is a great initiative from Bitget, and it's an excellent opportunity for users to earn token airdrops by completing specific tasks. If you're interested in participating in the Candybomb event, you can visit the Bitget web for more information.



  1. Degis Might be one of the top projects of Avalanche this year. Security will be mandatory for the next Bull Season so I hope this project can achieve a Protection system against smart contract attacks.

    After the listing $DEG got to the skies even in the middle of the Meme fever

  2. Those kinds of pools they have in candy bomb are so easy that you won’t be hassled to claim lottery tickets.

  3. This was a great opportunity to earn more $DEG, The tickets you can get depend on your spot trade or if you can refer a friend. 12 $DEG for 1 winning ticket is quietly good tho.

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