Daniele Sesta is back has evolved “Sorbetto Fragola”. DeFi revival soon?

Tl;dr, Sesta rebranded Popsicle Finance into a project called WAGMI. It will launch on Kava if the proposal passes and will include new contracts with advanced liquidity managment features. From their document's page:

  • Sorbetto Fragola is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for Uniswap v3 that enables active liquidity management. By optimizing the price range based on historical volatility, Sorbetto Fragola ensures that users' funds are always in the most traded utilization zone, maximizing trading fee returns and profitability. While this strategy is optimized for trading fee yield, it's important for users to consider Impermanent Loss (IL) as well.
  • Our next step was to integrate upgraded versions of Popsicle into Wagmi. Popsicle’s Fragola contracts have been enhanced to better suit our needs. The integration process was complex but we had to ensure that the new versions of Fragola seamlessly fit into the Wagmi ecosystem, enhancing its functionality and expanding its capabilities.


The idea is that the contracts are optimized for yield farming and will reduce impermanent losses. The platform will also offer strategies that claim there are no losses. Any losses are paid back in wagmi tokens.



But that's for another topic.

This is the first new approach to liquidity management we've seen in a while. Is this what Defi needs to get back on track?


some tweets you might find interesting.

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