Crypto News: SEC, BUSD, BTC Death Cross, CBDCs & MORE!

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Crypto News: SEC, BUSD, BTC Death Cross, CBDCs & MORE!

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10 thoughts on “Crypto News: SEC, BUSD, BTC Death Cross, CBDCs & MORE!”

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  2. Your suit is lovely but the definition of a security is not just an expectation of profit. That is just one prong of the Howie test. Look up ethgate. Please provide accurate information.

  3. All crypto companies & developers should flea the US & move to a Crypto friendly environment

  4. This is actually good news because true crypto is about decentralization and immunity to regulations. Only truly decentralized crypto and defi will survive weeding out the shitcoins, scams and rugpulls. 2023 will be the year of privacy blockchains and P2P exchange.

  5. I won't be surprised if Gensler steps down and becomes a board member of Blackrock.

  6. Thanks for the vid. Though i don't agree with doom prediction for the market. The market has its own logic. I believe that this correction will play out til the end of February, with BTC restest 19600/ 20700. I learned that too much lagging data will mess with your mind. The πŸ“‰ is the best indicator. Hope you miss out the upside to come again πŸ˜‰

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