Could $ETH hit 100k in the next Bull-run?

Reminiscing on Arthur Hayes's tweets on his visit to his ancestors in quest to know when the bull-run will start. His prediction after his acclaimed encounter really baffles me. Thanks for Coingecko recent video on “How high can Ethereum go in 2024.” The bull-run is inevitable and such predictions and speculations are bound to fly around. Some might come to pass while others will remain a mirage. Standard Chartered has hinted at possible ETH spot ETF approval on 23rd May and expects ETH to hit 4000 by then. JP Morgan was also in the prediction picture and relied on the upcoming Cancun upgrade as a catalyst for ETH performance that will propel the price to over 8000 by 2026, is that not far? Arthur Hayes has a different view to all this prediction and sees eth at 100k. Though, I believe we will eventually get there but definitely not in this bull-run.

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5 thoughts on “Could $ETH hit 100k in the next Bull-run?”

  1. Theres always a chance that world-ending meteorite could hit earth at any time, so i guess a $100k ETH is a possibility too. It will likely hit $10k b4 that tho.

  2. Everything is possible. Deflationary assets like ETH are bound to increase in value over time. Therefore I can understand the underlying sentiment. But timing wise I doubt this will happen anytime soon.

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