Cornucopias and Illuvium

Some years ago I found out about TheSandBoxGame….

When SAND was less than 0,05$ i wrote about it in some websites…
Mostly the people balmed me like: Nobody cares for Blockchaingames…
Most of you know, that the people which blamed me, missed big Sand run from 0,05$ to over 8$….

This time I have this two games in my target.
Illuvium everybody knows whos activly inside the Ethereum Ecosystem.
Cornucopias is built on Cardano. Thats why less people know it.
But, the Cornucopias (COPI token) can be traded with ADA and also with ETH on Uniswap!

In my opinion both projects could become high traffic blockchain games:

Attached are both Websites and the ETH token contracts:
ILV current MarketCap (according to Coingecko): over 650$ Million
COPI current MarketCap (according to Coingecko): over 80$ Million

Form your own opinion about both games!
Ofc. there are many differences between all three games. But as a gamer, for me TheSandBoxGame was the start for the Blockchaingaming epoch! Illuvium and Cornucopias are the evolutions of it.

What are your thoughts about Blockchaingaming? What do you think about this both projects. Yeah, Illuvium is just in beta and Corncucopias is just in alpha. Its hard to compare gameplay on a proper way.

But if you realy do some research, both games are looking great (At least on the papers and on the first youtube videos)….

Like allways: Everything is just my own opinion. This is NOT a financial advice. Everybody is resposible for their own decisions!

4 thoughts on “Cornucopias and Illuvium”

  1. I have zero faith in shit games with crypto gambling built in. All games I’ve seen so far are based on the same recipe. There’s a blockchain / token, and a game has been glued together with tooth picks to create an incentive to trade on that chain. It’s basically just a casino

    Until an actually good game implements blockchain tech for something meaningful I’m staying far away. Mind you, I can totally see that happening some day. People love to collect in-game items and having a way to trade them would be awesome. But again, as long as quality games stay away and all we get are these terrible scam games, we’re a long way from anything that will gain long term traction imo.

  2. Cornucopias has a lot going on. The game is in pre alpha, and the racing is really fun and the graphics are sweet (I have played it). The team does a weekly youtube recap called copi cafe which is available on youtube. The token is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Cardano. Worth a look in my opinion.

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