connecting MM Portfolio account to MM Brave Extension?

I'm new to MM and don't understand what is going on.

I have about $10 ETH in a MM account at

I had the MM Chrome/Brave extension installed but couldn't link it to the portfolio so I deleted it (it showed $0 balance and my ETH is still in the above portfolio) and reinstalled it.

Once again, I used the same Seed Phrase in the extension as in the above site portfolio.

So why doesn't my ETH appear in the extension?

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  1. First things first. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone.

    The MM portfolio does not contain any coins or wallet, it just displays whatever wallet address is added or connected.

    So when you used the same seed phrase in the MM extension, is the address of the account the same as the one displayed in the portfolio?

    Easier if you share just the wallet address and the network config of your MM wallet.

    Some users modified the network config and so the wallet extension does not show the correct coin token present.

  2. Do you know if your ETH was on Ethereum Mainnet or another network? This can be identified on Portfolio. If so, you may need to import. Also confirming did you have multiple accounts in the same wallet, could it have been account 2, 3, etc?

    If you want, you can reach out to MetaMask Support at )or in your wallet under settings > support ) > choose Start a Conversation > answer a few questions from the chatbot and you will be connected to support (you can verify this link in the sticky message on this thread or in the flair on sub). MetaMask will never DM you support on Reddit or anywhere else.

    While addresses and txIDs are public, it’s typically better practice to not share them on public forums so you aren’t a target of social engineering (this is why I share the route to support).

  3. What if I migrated my mm portfolio to a new extension wallet? Then I could link the extension wallet to a new portfolio account?

    Any thoughts from the MM Support or experts??

    Because I’ve exhausted what seems to be my options at hand for linking MM portfolio and bla blabla

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