Connecting Dapper Wallet to MetaMask?? is this possible? i’m still learning here sorry if this is a noob question…

SO! Metamask is where I leaped into the ETH world. Actually where i leaped into any type of cryptocurrency at all for the first time. While on Metamask i discovered cryptokitties! I own two and they are actually the only nfts I own but we all start somewhere right? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ANYWAYS! I wanted to breed one of my cryptokitties (I am accessing them via MetaMask) but when I hit the ‘breed now’ it says “Siring is currently accessible only for Dapper Legacy Wallet users.”

So I made a Dapper Wallet account.

However I have ETH sitting in my MetaMask wallet that I would like to use to breed my cryptokitties.

I don’t know if this is a dumb question in many ways, ie: not possible, or super simple, etc etc you get the jist.

But I was wondering if there is anyways I can transfer the ETH i have in my MetaMask wallet to my Dapper Wallet, so that I can breed aka sire my cryptokitties?

The reason I had signed up with MetaMask to begin with is because I read that’s the only way I would be able to own any cryptokitties. And wanting to learn about nfts and eth, i figured what better way to learn than by making it fun with cats!

I was then excited to learn that you can breed them but as stated above, you can only breed if you have a Dapper Wallet.

So if anyone could help me out with either:

-How to connect my Dapper Wallet to my MetaMask?

-or How to connect my MetaMask wallet to my Dapper Wallet?

-or How to transfer my ETH from my MetaMask wallet to my Dapper Wallet?

and then maybe help me out with how to breed my cryptokitties with my Dapper Wallet but still have them in my MetaMask account?

OR maybe help educate me on all of this, if I can’t even do any of the things I asked above because I have it all wrong and I am totally confused.

I would really really appreciate it!!!

thanks in advance to anyone that can help,
I appreciate you and your time.

also, would love to see y’all’s crypto kitties!

these are mine
Nisse Hornson a sphynx

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Peaches Goosebump a rag doll

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love + light ❥
* jan ˚꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱˚

1 thought on “Connecting Dapper Wallet to MetaMask?? is this possible? i’m still learning here sorry if this is a noob question…”

  1. Hi.

    As far as i can see, Dapper wallet is a Flow blockchain wallet. It wouldn’t work with what you need to do. Even Dapper Labs, creators/owners of cryptokitties and Dapper wallet recommend MetaMask. You should be able to use MetaMask to interact with your cryptokitties without any problems.

    Check their FAQ section:

    In case you still have issues, contact their support, either cryptokitties support, Dapper Labs or Dapper wallet support, whichever has one and can help you.

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