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Hello all! Probably it won't be the first post like this, but at least I didn't find any difference.

I wan't to buy a Hardware wallet and after some research I stopped at Trezor (my main idea is to keep, ETH, BTC, SOL mainly there and they won't be for day trading, but for long keep at least for now). And I was wondering which one to get.

I wen't to the Compare Trezor Hardware Wallets page (

and the only diff I see between Model T and Safe 3 it's the display and touchscreen.

Can someone explain to me is this the only diff (and price ofc.).
Which one is safer and you would recommend to get?

Thanks in advance

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  2. T is easier to use, S3 has the secure element, which will make it harder to hack if someone physically got hold of it.

    S3 is cheaper…. T does support some of the old coins which S3 does not. 3rd party wallets mostly work better with T as it’s been around longer, although this is improving as 3rd party wallet providers are adding support.

    Take your pick. I use the T day to day and have S3 in the safe for backup. (same shamir on both)

  3. I would choose the Model One (+ passphrase) but unfortunately it does not support Solana.

  4. When you scroll down on that website you will see the main differences. Model One doesn’t support XRP, Monero, Cardano, and Solana. Other difference is that on Model T and Safe 3 you input the seed only on the device.

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