📢 Come join an AMA with Keystone’s CEO & CTO on the 14th of July 5pm CET 📅 – Don’t hesitate to ask questions on any topic related to hardware wallets! 🚀

Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts over at r/CryptoCurrency!

We are your friends from Keystone Hardware Wallet and we can't wait to dive into some engaging discussions with you! To help you put faces to our names, here are the individuals who will be participating in the AMA:

u/Bright_Charge – The head honcho, Lixin Liu, our CEO

u/aarondongchen – The tech wizard, Aaron Chen, our CTO

On the 14th of July, starting from 5pm CET, both of them will be all ears for a span of 1.5 hours. They are super keen to answer your questions and chat about everything there is to know about hardware wallets, be it open-source aspects, Ledger recovery, secure element etc.

So, why not drop your questions ahead of time? We promise to tackle as many as we can, and we'll do our best to ensure a broad variety of subjects are covered.

Best question wins a Keystone 3! 🤯

About Keystone

Keystone has become a trusted partner for numerous crypto users globally, delivering unmatched security measures to protect their digital assets. However, our commitment goes beyond safeguarding digital assets; we’re dedicated to harmonizing our hardware with future developments, continually enhancing user experience. Whether you’re an experienced crypto trader or a newcomer to the digital asset market, Keystone intends to become your reliable companion through the Web3 universe.

So, what sets Keystone apart? Our ethos and mission are underpinned by three core principles: an unshakeable commitment to maximizing wallet compatibility, a promise to serve as a reliable security partner for all software wallets, and an unwavering dedication to innovation that guarantees the safest haven for your crypto assets.

Our wide-ranging compatibility with various software wallets gives an added layer of protection to our users and a safety net against a single point of failure, should a software wallet service be discontinued or cease maintenance.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve integrated with Keplr, ArConnect, BlockWallet, BitKeep, Core, OKX, with more to come in the next half of the year.

The foundational bedrock of our hardware wallet lies in offline security, placing paramount importance on air-gapped configuration. The connection between a hardware wallet and a companion app is of utmost importance, and we’ve determined that data transmission via QR codes offers significant security advantages over alternative methods.

We perceive Keystone not just as a “hardware wallet,” but more accurately, as an “offline signer.” This designation enables us to focus on our primary mission — assisting users to sign transactions securely.

Instead of typing in an address, you can simply scan the QR code directly on your Keystone device to get the address. This method ensures the utmost security as this is an offline address, completely immune to the risks posed by potential hackers. No hacker, no matter how skilled, can alter this offline address.

The recent attacks on Atomic Wallet, Binance, Stake and other CEXs could have easily been thwarted with the use of Keystone.

We also resonate with Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a trustless system for ensuring one’s digital asset safety. Built on the principles of openness and transparency, Keystone incorporates open-source firmware and hardware, making it possible for anyone to scrutinize, validate, and contribute to its evolution.

Connect with us:

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15 thoughts on “📢 Come join an AMA with Keystone’s CEO & CTO on the 14th of July 5pm CET 📅 – Don’t hesitate to ask questions on any topic related to hardware wallets! 🚀”

  1. Good to see you guys here.

    Question: theres so many nuances involved with cold storage and it can be very cumbersome to new users who are less technically adept. What can be done to simplify the process and make it easier on the front end for users?

  2. overall i’ve been very satisfied as a ledger refugee onto the keystone pro. I even have the ngrave but they lack key important features such as passphrase and even the seed generation feels gimmicky. They also have barely any apps and coin support.

    Although keystone pro isn’t perfect I think they seem to be working at a very good pace and the product really does work. Paranoid guys like myself can verify things like the dice roll and hopefully the QR scanning thing as referenced above.

    Now onto my question:

    Will there be any tighter integration with UnstoppableDomains in the future? Such as having abilities to show your login/nft from unstoppable domain on the keystone screen ? Just a thought as I see UD being a great integration into the entire web3, nft and crypto space. UD will likely be a way to securely login to many apps in the future.

    I’m glad we got metamask onto keystone but I just wonder if its possible to cut out the middleman. Just have the UD mobile app communicate and ask for QRs from the Keystone?


  3. Question: Will Keystone consider creating an Essential version of Gen3, given that the battery pack feature was appealing to many of us, and really allowed the previous wallet to stand out from the rest of the pack?

  4. Hi! I’ve been using keystone for almost a year now, I have two one for BTC only firmware and one for Eth. I’ve had zero problems with them and am overall very pleased with both devices!

    My question is what will the upcoming Keystone 3 offer me that I don’t already have on these wallets, e.g. what are its unique/new features. Thanks you!

  5. Does the keystone 3 use android in the backend for running the device like the keystone pro ?

  6. I have been interested buying a Keystone since 2021 but I didn’t because I feared that the business was not sustainable given the market strength of Trezor and Ledger.

    Have you seen an increase in sales of Keystones because of the Ledger controversy?

  7. Are these binary blobs used?


  8. Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you all. I’m Lixin, the CEO of Keystone Hardware Wallet. I’m delighted to be here for this AMA session.

  9. will Keystone keep supporting Gen2 when Gen3 is released?
    i’d like to see some improvement on user experience while using a BIP39 passphrase seed.

    at the moment, similarly to most hardware signing device, the passphrase generated seed is temporary and the user has to type passphrase twice on every device boot.

    are you considering to allow to type the passphrase only once when user selects ‘show passphrase’?
    an educated user will also be aware if the passphrase gets misstyped and the generated addresses are not the expected ones.

    are you also considering to add an option to save the BIP39 passphrase generated seed, replacing the mnemonic generated seed or adding the option to pair it with a different device password, similarly to Ledger?

    some users do not need this kind of added physical security and will happily trade physical security with convenience.

  10. keystone is an airgapped device, it never gets connected by USB or wireless, ensuring an high level of security.
    any transaction data, signed or unsigned, using QR or SDcard medium, can be verified by the user.

    the only possible weakness is the potential of nonce covert channel attacks.
    can you ensure that the random nonce used to sign transactions is completely random?
    is this verifiable?

  11. Wooohooo these are the AMAs I like to see informative and a helpful resource to the community!

    I was reading along getting more and more antsy because it sounds like a great product that I’ve heard about for a while and just haven’t been well versed in, but I was looking for open sourced and offline air gapped and you did not disappoint!

    Thank you for hosting this Keystone and thanks for being my first Hardware wallet I’ll be getting after being in for a few years and shuffling from hot wallets and various browser wallets this will be a well welcomed breathe of relief to be able to sit tight with my assets and not have to worry 🙂

  12. Proud owner of 3 Keystone Pros.

    What I hope to see in the future.

    • ⁠Cardano Support (For gen 2 & gen 3).

    • ⁠Eternl Implementation

    • ⁠Lace Wallet Implementation

    • ⁠Discounts on Gen 3 for Gen 2 owners, not too big).

    Add a few more features/coin support on Gen 2.

    Set a date where Gen 3 will receive priority, and discontinue Gen 2 updates after requirements, this date better be sometime in the future otherwise Gen 2 users will feel ripped off.

    I also selfishly suggest a discount/order priority on Gen 3 for those who already purchased the Gen 2 wallet to ensure your Gen 2 customers feel prioritised despite support for their Gen 2 ending, they at least have priority/discounts for the upgraded version.

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