CoinMarketCap wants $5,000 USD to update to the correct data feed

After years of trying to get them to fix it, CMC finally offered to update the data feed for circulating supply along with a bill for $5,000 USD. On the other hand, CoinGecko has implemented the live CS feed with no issue.

This makes me ponder the question of overall data integrity for these types of services where bad data remains if we don't play ball. Have any other projects run into this type of pay to play for even the most basic amount of data correction?

15 thoughts on “CoinMarketCap wants $5,000 USD to update to the correct data feed”

  1. You would think that it would be in the best interests of a company whose job it is to provide an accurate coin market cap, to provide an accurate coin market cap.

    That’s like their main job.

  2. People need to stop using Binance products until either they change or a better competitor takes their place. Choose with your wallets and views, that’s how capitalism works.

  3. They are Mafia. They can charge you anything and if you don’t like it …get outta here!!!!

    CMC, CoinGeco, Dextools, and trust wallet, …they are all Mafia because there are no regulations on crypto space, no police to watch over little guys.

  4. Just don’t use CoinMarketCap. They have bad data and have always had bad data.

    CoinGecko is the way to go for accuracy.

  5. Coin marketcap had $pepe way to low/incorrect data until the day Binance listed it lol and helped the big pump fixing it after they bought hahah

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