CODE app for micro-payments. Running on Solana, powered by KIN

How come I see the memecoins on Solana flying around and everybody is chasing the latest doghype, but nobody is talking about a possible payment-disrubting app on Solana; CODE. This app is mindblowing and is powered by Solana. The base-token fort the CODE app is KIN (some may heard of that project before..). In short: KIN is a token, Code is a wallet. Code is not a public ledger, meaning that transaction history is hidden from public viewing. Code lets you send cash in one country to anyone else in the same country or a different country. For example, let’s say you want to send $10 in USD to a friend in India. Once sent on Code, the USD you sent on the app is converted to KIN. The money then reaches the recipient on the app, and is converted from KIN to the Indian Rupee.


This all happens automatically and the user experience resembles sending a transfer through Venmo or Paypal. It’s like having a Western Union that fits in a mobile app. You don’t really need to know anything about KIN or crypto to use the app, which may be one of its most appealing features to mainstream customers.

Why Solana ? Solana's transaction fees are not only affordable (typically less than $0.001), but also reliable. This reliable, low fee level is what attracts its network to explore the efficiencies and cost savings of traditional payment operations. Solana is so cheap that it makes sense for applications to subsidise consumer transaction fees. There are already teams like DRiP, Helium, and Dialect do this. And now Code is doing the same for micropayments.

I think this app deserves more attention from the crypto community so check it out.


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