Clicked on fake token, am I safe ?

Hello everyone, so I recently received some fake tokens and I clicked on them, then tried to sell to see how much they were worth (i DIDNT swap, just clicked the “max” button).

I also saw that on my activity I apparently swapped some ETH for some unknown tokens (which i didnt do), I did the same thing with these tokens, clicked on them then clicked on sell and went back to the main page

Is these any risk to click on these tokens if I don't swap or sign anything? I attached a photo of the recent activity

Thanks a lot

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      Scammers use DMs to try and get access to your wallet.

    6. Do not click on suspicious links or files. This can lead to your device security being compromised.

    7. Do not “sync” or “validate” your wallet with any websites or forms. This is a scam. Never sync and share: QR Codes, Secret Recovery phrases, private keys, etc.

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  2. If you authorised the initial contract to swap them – cancel it here

  3. A few things are happening here:

    • You got airdropped scam tokens. It wont do anything to you.
    • The play is, if you go to Uniswap or whatever, you will find there is no liquidity pools for it. So you cant sell anything. If you can, great, you can do it and its not an issue. Make sure you are using Uniswap and not some scam site. Because…
    • When you click these, they often come with messages like “REDEEM IN XYZ.SCAMSITE” and if you go there, you will be prompted to connect wallet and sign authorizations which will drain you.
    • You see these “swap” transactions. They spoof your address and it can show as if it was you doing transfers. I’m not going to pretend I know how it works, but if you didnt do it, then you didn’t do it. It has happened to me using USDC (legit tokens), etc but nothing goes out. It wont go out.

    My thoughts is this is just a more complex variation of the airdrop + REDEEM HERE scam. They try to trick you into believing you just swapped a ton of ETH for this tokens using address spoofing, and want you to panick and try to “swap back” in their website.

    More about spoofing

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