So the rejection of any related crypto account has begun. I received this email from Chase stating that they were suspending all payments to crypto accounts under the guise of safety and security 🙄and if I don’t like it I should find another bank!!! Well guess what? – I have! Join me and ditch Chase UK

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  1. By that description Bitcoin is still allowed. But thanks again to shitcoins and the morons that fall for them keeping those scams alive.

  2. My bank has banned Crypto related transfers for a while now. But that doesn’t stop me from buying it, I use alternative ways to buy now.

  3. Why do you guys support chase… fucking nuts should have left along time ago damn they are the scammers.

  4. Oh I will just leave this here…

  5. Do the block payments to gambling sites too? Assuming its legal, there’s something about my bank deciding what I can do with my money that seems… wrong.

  6. Reee reee, calm down swine. I know you’re scared but the slaughter will be over quick

  7. Hum.. no exceptions for exchanges with proven tract records eh? Not about preventing scams.

  8. I’m a long time lurker. Can anyone direct me to a unbiased link to how one with little income to save to start investing in bitcoin legitimately without the use of unregulated brokers like FTX, Binance, coinbase and the like. I’m based in the UK and have a good general knowledge of IT. But where to start! I know this must have been asked a million of times but I sense that with bitcoin and somepart Etheriuim could be to big to fail by this point and anything that I can do to move away from the forced model the central banks are constructing would be helpfull to me. Thanks and keep up the good work

  9. hey Chase, the customer is always right. fuck you. we will go somewhere else happily

  10. They say “Crypto” a lot and try to associate it with scams.

    They’re right, crypto is a scam. But they want us to think Bitcoin is part of that cRyPTo world. They want us to be fearful of Bitcoin also.

    Bitcoin is not cRypTo, and we should keep pounding our fist and be very loud about this fact. Otherwise, they will continue to confuse the public and normies will make the mistake of grouping Bitcoin in with the trash.

  11. Finally, financial institutions coming to their senses, it’s been long enough for btc trying to prove its usability; if we haven’t found a single use case in 14 years, there’s little chance we ever will.

  12. I received a similar message from Bunq bank. They advertise with ‘ bank of The Free’…. Yeah, right.
    Threatening with account termination. Well, don’t bother. I’ll terminate it myself.

  13. Look at the graph of GBP against other currencies and you will understand the reason behind this.

  14. This is why I have it set up on my gusto account to automatically send a certain % of my paycheck into cash app btc, and the rest goes into my chase checking account. This also charges you ZERO fees when buying btc through direct deposit on cash app. If you wanted to start buying big lumps of btc and pay zero fees, you could change it to 90% of paycheck into cash app btc if you wanted, and this would then buy thousands of dollars worth of btc with zero fees 👌🏻

  15. Byeeeeeee Chaseeeeeee.

    Unfortunately I closed my account a few months ago when I tidied up my finances. I’d have much preferred to close it now and cite this new policy as the reason to close

  16. Bravo! If we all put our money where our mouth is and moved to where we are treated best, we would live in a very different world.

  17. Time to see what promos are out there for you to join another bank. Reference that email when you close your account.

  18. Crypto transactions are too risky. But, keeping Epstein as a private client is totally fine.

  19. I did the same thing here in Canada when BMO started declining my transactions when purchasing Bitcoin in 2017

  20. Bank -> Revolut -> Exchange

    Been doing it for years to swerve these no good, infantilising fucks.

  21. I’m not from the uk… however I am currently in the uk (short trip) which I can take thanks to things like this. Throwaway account for obvious reasons. 2015 crypto purchase using chase

    The stupid thing is chase gives people shit for purchasing crypto, however if I withdraw 3k and tell them I’m going to Vegas for the weekend, the tellers usually say “have fun” or “good luck!”.

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