changing seeds implies uninstalling, but uninstalling implies a question impossible to answer

If this seems like a rant, then that's because Metamask struck a nerve with me.

I have two independent metamask wallets (my first mistake), meaning: more than one security phrases.

I am clicking around to see where I can add a second security phrase to my already existing metamask wallet and I give up, and try google (I don't like googling stuff that is really about finding a button).

I learn that this is not about finding the button:

Metamask only supports one security phrase per wallet.

Ok … I guess some features are only obvious to me. Face-palm number one.

So how do I reset the wallet?

Again, I click around in the interface, again I end up with google. Result:

There is a reset option, but only in the app. In the browser, you just re-install the extension. Face-palm number two.

Now, I'll be honest, these two quirks maybe don't reserve a face-palm by themselves. But I am not done yet.

So I go one uninstalling the browser extension (somewhat reluctantly, but hey … that's a small price to pay for having two independent meta-mask wallets). And here it comes:

THIS is the reason why I ended up on this subreddit: none of the options apply, dear Metamask devs. I uninstall because I need to change passphrases. I will now go on to choose option 1 “I installed it by mistake” and justify the lie with the fact that I inform you about the actual reason via reddit.

If my bewilderment seems like an exaggeration to you: maybe I am exaggerating. But this pseudo user-oriented “we're sad to see you go!” just rubs me the wrong way. Please put the option “No need to cry, I just need to change to a different seed” there, so my autism can be satisfied.

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2 thoughts on “changing seeds implies uninstalling, but uninstalling implies a question impossible to answer”

  1. the deleted image shows the “sad to see you go” screen from metamask. Images not welcome?

  2. Hi there! I’m sure the option to reset your browser mm wallet will be available in the future. For now you’ll have to choose any of the available options. Thank you!

    Please feel free to share your feedback on the MetaMask forums:

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