Changelly has not refunded me my 0.29 BTC since November 22, 2023

Using Trezor, i tried exchanging my BTC to ETH. I have used changelly in the past and already had KYC done, they marked my transaction as suspicious likely because of the size of the swap. I live in USA and didn't know that changelly was not allowed here so they suspended my account and promised to refund me my money back. I have been waiting for 2 months now and still nothing, their support is of no use. At this point i feel like i got scammed as i see others having similar issues with them.

There has been several posts about changelly scamming other people on /r/changelly subreddit and the admin/mod removed all of those posts. So they are covering up their fraud.

What i have done:

-Contacted support multiple times, they are of no help.

-Summitted trust pilot review, they say the same thing as support.

-Contacted the ceo of changelly on linkedin. He said he'll escalate the matter and take it from here. Been 2 days so far, no update, no refund.

-Contacted CoffeeZilla on instagram to help expose changelly

One of many posts /r/changelly mod removed, proof that they are covering up their fraud/scam.

Changelly – Ledger Scam
byu/LedgerCli inChangelly

u/changelly_com I'm not going to give up until i get my money back. I know you are connected to the scam. That's why you removed those posts of people who lost money. You can't remove posts on another subreddit.

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  2. This is one of the posts changelly mod removed.

  3. Thanks OP, one more company blacklisted, sorry for your Sats, hope you will get a refund.

  4. Reminder to all. Read the terms of service for anybody who holds your keys.

    OP, sorry for your loss.

  5. If law enforcement is involved they could hold your funds for years. Don’t send funds you got from scamming people or coin mixers to custodial exchanges and expect it to not be held up.

  6. Changelly is not your friend. Never was. Hope you learned to use DEX’s from no on. Sorry for your loss. If they held it for so long the chances of you getting your money back are pretty slim. Fight, but don’t expect much. It’s not like there is a door you can bang on with Changelly.

  7. I had similar issue with ChangeNow

    I posted my negative review on Trustpilot and i got immediate response and my issue was fixed and transaction was completed . The problem is , – my amount was ~$100 not $10,000++ like your . I think doing such big transactions at once is a pure stupid.

    GL !

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