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Hello i created a new hidden wallet and sent some btc to the new address to see if it works. I can see the transaction is still pending for more than 24 hrs. I noticed the address says change address . anyone know about this ?

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    I think the network is very congested atm. My transaction has been sat for over 24 hours

  3. The change address is just another address in your wallet. Most wallets work this way and it’s better for your privacy. If the change went back to the source address, it would be obvious to outsiders that that portion of the output is not a payment to someone else.

    It looks transaction with similar fees are talking about 24 hours according to You probably just want to wait on this test transaction to go through. Paying a higher fee to get it through faster is an option.

  4. It is always better to use normal or high fees to avoid the transactions being stuck in mempool.

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