$CHACHING – A Hare, a community, a utility.

$CHACHING – A Hare, a community, a utility.

$CHACHING is a meme coin of a Hare on the Solana Chain, and a meme that loves counting gold, diamonds or simply a lot of money.

$CHACHING has no sale or purchase fees, a capitalization of around 35k, with a total supply of 999,964,305.99.
LP burned.
CA renounced.

Supply division:

15% Team Allocation.
‍40% Liquidity Pool.
‍15% Marketing.
‍25% Staking Rewards.

Stake your $CHACHING tokens to our staking platform which will pass to a telegram bot protecting your wallet. $CHACHING has the following yield vault.

Yield 1 – 15%
Yield 2 – 10%
Yield 3 – 7%
Yield 4 – 5%

Values per week, it doesn't seem sustainable but yield 1 and in the first week and then it drops in the following weeks, at yield 4 and then Dev is working to try to give sustainability to the stake it couldn't be all good, Dev accepts ideas.

There is also a Telegram bot with continuous live market cap alerts so you can monitor your investment 24/7. Think of it as your golden nest egg that you always keep an eye on, ensuring that your investments don't disappear.

Do your DYOR


Twitter: https://twitter.com/chachingmeme

Website: https://www.chaching.meme/

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