Celer is Partnering with r/CryptoCurrency to Bridge Moons to Arbitrum One!


Excited to announce that Celer has decided to support Moons, allowing users to bridge their Moons to Arbitrum one!

The bridge will go live by March 20, 2024 and will be multidirectional, meaning users can bridge Moons from nova to one and from one to nova.

Reasons to bridge

  • There is significantly more liquidity on Arbitrum one ($2.76b TVL) compared to Arbitrum nova ($30m TVL)
  • As Arbitrum nova is not currently a popular chain there exists the possibility of shutdown in the future
  • There are a plethora of DeFi applications on Arbitrum one that Moons could be incorporated into that do not exist on nova
  • Arbitrum one has support for multisig, which could be beneficial for community funds held in u/TheMoonDistributor

Moons distributions


Moons distributions and tipping will still occur on nova in order to keep gas fees low. Gas fees on Arbitrum one can be significantly higher and more volatile than nova, but still they are much more manageable compared to mainnet gas fees.



Moons bridged to Arbitrum one will retain full voting power in snapshot. Users with Moons on both networks in one wallet can simply connect and vote with their full balance. If the Moons are held in different wallets on different networks then both wallets can be connected and vote with their respective balances.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to develop utility, partnerships and expansion of the Moons ecosystem.

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37 thoughts on “Celer is Partnering with r/CryptoCurrency to Bridge Moons to Arbitrum One!”

  1. Well done all involved. Great to see Moons as a project continuing to be active.

  2. Definitely never touch this toxic garbage, or you will deserve what happens.

  3. Great news, as we wait for distributions to start again!

    Future’s exciting for Moons

  4. Awesome!

    Celer is EVERYWHERE. I see them pop up working with projects all the times.

    I believe they just worked on a bridge for Oasis and their new DEX.

    Great team.

  5. Rip Arbitrum nova.

    No need to use that since it was designed for reddit RCPs

  6. >multidirectional, meaning users can bridge Moons from nova to one and from one to nova.

    How is that multi, and not bi?

  7. What the heck is up with moons, I thought they went away, but now are back? I haven’t paid attention but I see my profile shows them by my comments, but they aren’t shown in the vault anymore.

  8. Now this is major!

    Big thanks to everyone that made this happen, Arbitrum is the place we were always supposed to be at anyway.

  9. Why not polygon? Avatars are already the, most of the RCCs like cones and buckets are already there. I don’t want to add one more network just for this one coin.

  10. img

    These are unexpected and huge news! I think being available in ARB is great.

    Future is bright!

  11. Moons 2.0 on Arbitrum would have been much better…

    What if Nova gets shut down in the future, will the bridged Moons stay and become the “real” moons?

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