Celer is hosting an AMA on X with Reddit Mod jwinterm in ~23 hours. Ask Questions on this post and Win 10 Moons on Arb One if your Question Gets Asked.

Celer will be hosting an AMA Mar. 21st at 16:00 UTC / 12:00 EST, ~23 hours after this post goes live. Ask questions here and if your question gets asked tomorrow during the AMA on X, you win 10 Arb One Moons.


Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1770480417943982466

Link to Twitter Space for AMA: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1gqGvQZjrznKB

Edit: Giveaway Moons are only for questions selected for the Voice AMA linked above. If Celer opts to respond on Reddit to any questions on this post they will not receive prizes.

41 thoughts on “Celer is hosting an AMA on X with Reddit Mod jwinterm in ~23 hours. Ask Questions on this post and Win 10 Moons on Arb One if your Question Gets Asked.”

  1. Are there any plans to support other Reddit community tokens like donuts, bricks, and cones?

  2. I think the question in everyone’s minds is how secure is it and do we risk an exploit one day

  3. My moons are in my MetaMask tied to my Reddit vault on arb nova , but they don’t show . I have over 3k moons but they don’t show on CC sub for months now . What gives ?

  4. Do you think interoperability protocols like Celer and social tokens like Moons will be key to unlocking Web 3 and crypto adoption?

  5. What made you get into the industry and how is it seen by people when you tell them what you do?

  6. Interesting AMA and nice idea with the small gift.
    My question is how did he feel after the sunset announcement? What in his eyes is the special characteristic of the cc sub and how has it maybe changed over the years?

  7. What’s the purpose of celer bridge and what sets it apart from other bridges in the crypto space? Also how does moon and moon holders stand to gain or improve from the celer partnership?

  8. Are there any plans or roadmap on adding support to more chains in celer bridge?

    Most of the current supported networks are L2s which are still in Ethereum ecosystem (aside from SUI, BNB etc). Any plans for other chains like Cosmos, Algorand, Solana?

  9. Since the concept of Moons is still relatively unknown in the broader crypto space and market cap is rather small, what motivated you to get involved with Moons?

  10. If most people use Celer to bridge their moons into Arbitrum One what will happen with the rest leftovers at Arbitrum Nova?

    Since moons have the most trading volume, after they are moved is there a chance that Arbitrum Nova could completely shut down? If yes will Celer work for the leftovers up until the shutdown to migrate?

  11. My Moons are sitting on Kraken twiddling their precious little thumbs waiting for a chance to work for daddygreatcryptopo. Will any LP/staking options arise from this venture with Celer?

  12. I find it confusing that coingecko claims that there are 80 million moons in circulation but IIRC 4 million were migrated to Arbirtum? This is pretty confusing and I’d like to understand the whole picture better.

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