CDC acquired 2M Moons before enabling deposits for Customers – why this is bullish for Moons by looking at how CDC prebought SHIB and sold it at a 12x markup to their customers.

With CDC sending 2M Moons to themselves from Gate IO, that means one of a two things. Either CDC Customers purchased exactly 2M Moons at markup of 15%+ and limited buying ability (highly unlikely) or CDC purchased excess Moons on the market, in order to sell them higher, later.

The second is a very high risk strategy and would assume that CDC expects the price of Moons to go up. Thus further profiting on the difference between buy price and sell price. For that reason you may be immediately inclined to dismiss it – but by looking at CDC exchange wallets later in this post you can see CDC did exactly that with Shiba Inu.

Prior to the leadup of the Shiba Inu ATH, CDC purchased a ton of Shib from Binance OTC before the price went up and then sold that to customers at a markup as the price rose.


Exploring CDC Shiba Wallets

If we look at the CDC wallets that hold Shiba Inu, CDC, CDC2, CDC3, CDC5.

On May. 09th 2021, first listed Shiba Inu, ~821 days ago. CDC wallet first recieved Shib ~821 days ago. CDC2 first recieved Shib ~824 days ago – CDC3 first recieved Shib ~820 days ago, and CDC5 first recieved Shib ~518 days ago.

  • CDC appears to be the initial incoming hot wallet for Shib, but has since been moved to more of a cold storage state.
  • CDC2 appears to be the current hot wallet for outgoing transactions.
  • CDC3 appears to be the wallet that was used to store Shib purchased OTC (not inbound transfers from customers) and regularly used to supply the CDC2 withdrawal wallet.
  • CDC5 appears to have started as a cold storage wallet for inbound user funds from CDC (the original incoming hot wallet) but has since become the hot wallet for incoming transactions – and also transfers to CDC2 the outgoing wallet.


Analyzing the OTC Shiba Wallet

So the CDC, CDC2, and CDC5 are all incoming/outgoing hot wallets or cold storage wallets and handles user funds transferred in or out.

That only leaves CDC3 which really needs to be investigated, from the middle of May to end of August this wallet was being loaded with OTC buys of Shiba mainly from Binance. Nothing about this fact is suspicious until you look at when they stopped buying Shiba OTC – August 28th.

At that point they were only sending their already acquired OTC Shiba to their withdrawal wallet CDC2 likely because they had an excess of Shiba from their previous buys. They then purchased a very small amount again on Oct. 06th and 07th 2021 and again didn't purchase more until Nov. 03rd where they once again purchase a small amount from Binance after the Shiba ATH.

This shows CDC bought a ton of OTC Shiba long before it spiked in October of 2021. So the entire time Shiba Inu was rising from Aug. 28th 2021 and peaked on Oct 27th 2021 – CDC was offloading the Shiba it had previously purchased at up to a 12x profit on retail buying through CDC.


Analyzing the findings:

CDC describes themselves as more of a brokerage company that purchases crypto when their users do. However given the fact that CDC loaded up on Shiba when the price was stagnant months before the rise and didn't purchase more OTC leading up to or after the Shiba ATH in October of 2021. We can definitively say – took a calculated risk and bought a ton of Shiba early and sold Shiba a few months after it was purchased at a huge markup directly to their users.


What CDC's past gamble on Shiba likely mean for Moons:

With CDC transferring 2M Moons to themselves – it means one of a few things.

  1. CDC Customers purchased exactly 2M Moons with limited buys and huge fees
  2. CDC thinks the price of Moons will likely go up, and are loading up so they can sell to their customers later when it's more expensive just like they did with Shiba.
  3. CDC thinks the price of Moons will likely go up and would like to be a brokerage selling marked up Moons to other Exchanges that are potentially looking for their own Moon collateral OTC. Similar to what Binance did to CDC by selling marked up Shiba to them.

Quite frankly, any of these reasons are Bullish for Moons

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50 thoughts on “CDC acquired 2M Moons before enabling deposits for Customers – why this is bullish for Moons by looking at how CDC prebought SHIB and sold it at a 12x markup to their customers.”

  1. Interesting, so you’re saying CDC jumped on grabbing a ton of moons to sell to other exchanges at a markup?

    That feels a little gangster

  2. Yea, no thank you. I’ll be using kraken for my moon farming from now on. But lets get this bitch to the actual moon!

  3. I can’t wait for moons to start mooning. Listing moons on exchanges will be good for the price at a long run.

  4. This is an indication that CDC also believes that moons will reach $100 🚀🚀🚀🚀 by end of year

  5. Damn good analysis Gabe, this is good work. I’m impressed with the level of detail.

    My guess would be CDC thinks moons are going to go up in value, but they also have the option to brokerage to other, smaller exchanges. Another option is they see the volume Kraken is doing currently and felt the needed 2m just to support their volume with significant liquidity.

    I wonder if they reached out to Reddit first to set up an OTC buy and got denied? It’s much better they got them from vs an OTC from Reddits wallets, essentially introducing another 2m moons to the supply.

    This is bullish for moons regardless.

  6. I think that all 3 scenarios are possible. The simple fact that they listed MOON means they expect it to grow in popularity so they can earn fees. The increase in price is a consequence of its greater popularity.
    Problem will be catching the moment when CDC will decide to sell, eventually.

  7. 2m moons is like 400k BTC when comparing supply, that’s a lot if they want to dump it on us

  8. This is a lot of hopium for day. But I don’t mind getting overdosed. The future of Moons is bright considering Moons are not meme coin.

  9. The are listing moons, they are holding moons, it is all good and also great findings on your post, really bullish for moons

  10. Sounds promising, let’s monitor their wallet and wait.

    I’m gonna repeat the last part: Wait.

  11. I’m gutted that due to a life event I’m probably going to have to sell my moons at this low price.

  12. CDC is a shark for listing new and upcoming Cryptos they did the same with SHIB and Dogelon Mars. One was a huge success and the other is a flop. Wouldn’t surprise me if Moons did a SHIB at some point. Already kind of has a little

  13. I’m thinking option 2 and 3 are the most likely. Now that they have witnessed multiple exchange listing (including Kraken), they’re probably thinking the same thing as us and hoping to make a profit on these by buying MOONs at this level.

    We’ll be expecting some price increases for MOONs sometime soon. 🌝

  14. Not even CDC can tell the future but if this is true it seems like they are bullish.

  15. Well, they might have a bunch of moons but i was here before them so im cooler. Ha.

  16. If they didn’t buy moons or let lots of deposits move in before trading started the prices would be so abruptly chaotic that it would be a mess. Need liquidity so people don’t get screwed.

  17. If moons reached the same ATH market cap as SHIB, 1 moon would = $391

    That would give CDC $780 million in profits.

  18. So the CDC guys finally enabled the incoming transfers, I think there will be at least a small sellout and a price correction.

  19. Well, this hopium is really highing me up and I feel like I’m floating with moons on the moon.

  20. Can all big exchanges purchase a token before announcing its listing on their platform? Should be ez profits.

  21. I hate that these exchanges buy coins internally. If CDC had bought those coins in open market, we would have crossed $1 by now.

  22. Imagine driving a Lambo and the guy from ‘What you do for a living?’ shows up. Yeah, i post on reddit.

  23. A 12x markup would make so many reddit shitposters millionaires though. . . but that does seem in keeping with how the world works these days! LFG I guess!!

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