Can’t swap wluna to usdc – warning sign

I finally figured out how to get my wluna off Coinbase to Coinbase wallet. Now trying to convert it using uniswap. Wluna to usdc but this warning sign appears and can’t confirm – how do I get it to allow me to move on, thank you!

4 thoughts on “Can’t swap wluna to usdc – warning sign”

  1. Figured it out – for us newbies

    I bought some ethereum on Coinbase. Send it to my Coinbase wallet where my wluna (lunc) is at. Now uniswap can see there was ethereum to do the trade. Now it’s converted into usdc and can have access to my funds again

  2. It says what the problem is pretty clearly at the bottom. You don’t have enough ETH to cover the gas fee and need to deposit more.

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