Can’t swap my tokens :(

Hey guys, I am begginer in crypto sphere. I have some tokens called ARIXA and would like to change it to BNB through pancakeswap. But when I try to swap there is a mistake as you can see on the picture. Sometimes it shows me yhis exclamation mark, but sometimes it writes: “unknown-error-pancakelibrary-insufficient-input-amount”
What s the problem?

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  1. Please note that PancakeSwap (or any wallet service) DOES NOT provide support through direct messages.

    There are multiple scams targeting crypto users and you should NEVER, under any circumstances, share your wallet seed
    phrase or any personal information with anyone online!

    Keep yourself safe:

    1. Never click on any unverified links.
    2. Never share your private keys or seed phrases.
    3. Reporting all suspicious users.
    4. Be suspicious of everything – do your own research!

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  2. Usually it happens when the token is scam and can’t be sold. But you can try what’s in the comment below. !insuffamount

  3. As a beginner you should first learn how blockchains and crypto work, if you don’t put in the time and effort you’re just gonna get scammed instead of actually making/preserving money

    Your mistake on this one was not verifying the contract.

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