Can’t send funds

How to fix this? Im trying to send funds on another ERC20 wallet. $100 test amount went through, but when trying to send rest (54k) it shows me this error.

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  2. First install the latest version of the ledger live. Then be sure you have ETH in available balance to pay network fee. Try again.

    If still doesn’t work, simply use Metamask and forget about Ledger Live.

  3. Dear scammers, don’t text me in private, i will not engage in communication.

    Anyone else with good intentions, comment please on the post

  4. My vote goes for using Metamask with your Ledger instead and save yourself from a hassle.

  5. Hey – It seems that you’re facing this error message likely due to using an older version of the Ledger Live app. To resolve this issue, please update your Ledger Live app to version 2.77.2. If the auto-update feature isn’t functioning properly for you, you can manually download the latest version from our website provided below. You can install this new version on top of your current setup without needing to uninstall the existing one, and rest assured, it won’t impact your funds. Here’s the link:

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