Can’t deploy token on UniSwap


I’ve just deployed a token on Binance Smart Chain and wanted to make it swappable on UniSwap. However no matter how many times I click on approve I can’t deploy the token and got the error:

“This pool must be initialized before you can add liquidity. To initialize, select a starting price for the pool. Then, enter your liquidity price range and deposit amount. Gas fees will be higher than usual due to the initialization transaction”

Attached to this post should be an UniSwap screen that shows the error

My contract:

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  2. Saw this on the pancake sub, can you try V2 on uni, pretty sure they still have the old way still available and not this new nonsense, looks like pancake have updated V2 with the same UI as V3, I don’t know how this new way works, tried to figure it out myself a while back

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