Can someone explain?

Hi. I’m confused af. I’ve been trying to buy Multibit (MUBI) but nothing is making sense… I bought ETH on coinbase. Sent it to my coinbase wallet. Tried to swap ETH for MUBI, and the gas fee is double the amount I am trying to buy. I figure Coinbase has something to do with this absurdity, so I send the ETH over to my UniSwap wallet. It’s even more expensive. Gas is ≈ 200% !! But it was $3 to transfer my ETH (only like $50 worth). Am I missing something?? Is there anywhere else I can go? I’m not new to crypto, my assumption was to wait it out assuming gas is probably just expensive at this time, and might be cheaper later…. But has anyone bought MUBI or swapped for it and have any suggestions? I’m already like $12 deep from these transfer fees and like I said it’s only like $50 I’m trying to buy of MUBI.

Context I am a US resident on eastern standard time so certain exchanges I cannot use

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  2. would be better for you to be rich. Just buy more and the percentage would be lower

  3. Easy don’t buy shit coins and everyone knows btc and eth fees are rediculous so why use them. Internet computer protocol.

  4. A swap on Ethereum will easily cost you 20-30$. So it’s most likely not worth it to swap any coin if you only got 50$ worth of ETH

  5. Dont know where you are living but in europe at about 8am the fees are way lower

  6. It says it in big red letters right on the page.

    You don’t have enough gas for the transaction because you’re trying to use all of the ETH in your wallet for the swap. You have to leave some behind to cover gas.

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