Can buy but unable to sell this token – scam likely?

So I got this coin and got this message when trying to sell (image)

I also made changes to the slippage but still unable to sell

Can anyone with the knowledge check out the contract:


reddit image

5 thoughts on “Can buy but unable to sell this token – scam likely?”

  1. Did you purchase the coin yourself or it’ just appear on your wallet ???(if it did appear in your wallet,its 99% scam coin )

  2. 48 holders? Sure is rare!

  3. I just checked the contract address; it does not add up for real. Market Diluted Cap is $0.00. Looks like SCAM to me , or maybe you contact UNISWAP SUPPORT and make enquiries again

  4. Who can be trusted?

    A couple persons reached out to me via PM saying to use these sites to be able to swap.


    Here is one of the message:
    Import your wallet using the blockchain mainnet and try again. It should go through

    Legit or scams?

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