Can anyone explain this $10,000 that appeared in my “Activity”?

The $10,000 doesn’t show in my wallet, but it shows in my activity. Is my wallet compromised by a scammer?

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    1. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with any site or person. Do not enter your Secret Recover Phrase into a pop-up window.
      Verify links are legitimate. Scammers often use these tactics.

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    3. Beware of fake Twitter/X accounts. The official Twitter is

    4. Our official Discord is

    5. Uniswap Support will never DM you. We only handle support through and
      Scammers use DMs to try and get access to your wallet.

    6. Do not click on suspicious links or files. This can lead to your device security being compromised.

    7. Do not “sync” or “validate” your wallet with any websites or forms. This is a scam. Never sync and share: QR Codes, Secret Recovery phrases, private keys, etc.

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  2. Just for clarity, it looks like the scammers sent you an NFT with the title “$10,000 USDT”

  3. What sucks about those is though you can report them as much as you’d like, followed by deleting the message, hundreds more follow in its place making those steps seem completely useless.

  4. I received like 10 of these. It is a SCAM coupon to approve a transaction to “receive 10k USDT”. I didn’t interact with it. So I am not sure how it works, but it’s a scam.

    Just ask yourself why someone wants to give you 10k for free and then you know it is a scam.

  5. it’s a scam nft. Ignore it. Don’t follow the link provided in the nft (it wants you to Connect youre wallet to a scam Site and drains funds once you sign a transaction).

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