Businesses that accept BTC payments

I have a lot of conviction on Bitcoin and want to build a career in the space. The problem I see right now in the market is a huge lack of education and awareness on Bitcoin. I’m a 28m currently work in real estate, the last 3 years of my Bitcoin journey I have not had anyone even know what Bitcoin is. Either we are very early or delusional.
I would love to start helping businesses at least accept bitcoin payments. Would that be worth a consulting fee? Is there anyone who does bitcoin consulting or knows of one.
I have a blog and just made a website for sales. Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Businesses that accept BTC payments”

  1. I see bitcoin signs in a lot of stores but I don’t know how they got there!!!

  2. Set up a service or make an agreement with one that helps buyers or sellers looking to use bitcoin for real estate. Then offer this to other agents.

  3. I have 5 BTC in my custody… can you sell me a 500k home with just those 5 BTC.

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