Bumper – Trezor Safe 3 – Be Warned

For those of you thinking abouit orderign the bumper for the Trezor Sasfe 3, be warned.

I just recieved my bumper for my Trezor Safe 3 and after installing it, I am not able to use my Trezor Safe 3 without removing the bumper – which defeats the purpose of having the bumper.

Becasue the bumper goes around the USB-C port, it adds additoional space between the USB-C cable and the housing which casues the USB-C cable not to be able to make full contact with the USB-C port and click in.

Edit: These are the offical bumpers from the Trezor website https://trezor.io/bumper-trezor-safe-3-black

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  2. Does the bumper cover the back plate? How firm does it sit on the device? (Sorry for the unrelated questions, I’ve just been curious)

  3. you probably have the bumper backwards.

     the port is not in the centre of the Trezor, it’s offset towards the back side. so the bumper is not symmetrical. you need to orient the front side to the front and the back side to the back.

    that way the cutout should leave just enough space around the port to fit the cable, at least the official one

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