BTC has been down year-over-year for over 490 days this bear market, the highest there has been EVER. This bear market was truly exceptional.

Once we look on charts there are a plenty of different ways to look on them ranging from a low time frame to very high time frame and everything in between, especially wants you want to a review a whole bear market or bull market you should switch to the higher timeframes, such as the year-over-year chart. This chart just shows how much the current price of BTC today is down in comparison to exactly one year ago on the same day, as bear markets on average on Crypto has lasted just about for one year.

Happily we can say that just recently BTC recorded its first day again where we were green year-over-year as about during this time we had the LUNA crash with prices below $25k. And not so happily we actually stayed under that market for 490 days, the longest ever!

Bitcoin Year-over year dates gains (green) or losses (red), by MitchellHODL

Yes, even in the percentage-wise worst bear market in 2015 we were only below this mark for 386 days and this bear market we added about hundred days to that for 490 days of pure pain and torment upon us.

This just further augments the theory of how bad this bear market actually was, it would not be an understatement at all to call this at least the second-worst bear market for Crypto as multiple statistics are speaking for that and even more. Now we deserve an even bigger pat on our backs for surviving this night mare, Well done you all!

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50 thoughts on “BTC has been down year-over-year for over 490 days this bear market, the highest there has been EVER. This bear market was truly exceptional.”

  1. You make it seem like the bear market is over. I sure hope your right but don’t get to excited just yet

  2. >490 days of pure pain

    Or you can interpret it as a good time to buy BTC at a low price.

  3. Ok, the bear market is/was long, but the most important question is:

    wen bull run?

  4. Does make you wonder if the next bull will play out differently to what we all hope / expect

  5. The bear and world economy starting to recover brings me some peace, it’s been a slippery ride

  6. I’ve been a good boy during this bear market. Only focused on DCA into a few top coins.

    Hopefully my good behaviour will pay off on the next bull market. 🤞

  7. We’ve had more black swans than a large lake in England, it’s been quite the fucky few years..

  8. >it would not be an understatement at all to call this at least the second-worst bear market for Crypto

    …or the 3rd best.

  9. It’s been so long that I’m used to my bag being in red, so when I see a small green is like Christmas time

  10. When the bull market hits, y’all have no excuses it caught you unprepared. That’s a lot of time to accumulate and upgrade your shrimp status.

  11. Life gets a bit easier when you stop thinking bout bull/bear cycles all the time and just enjoy the ride

  12. Of course it being my first bear market it would be the worst ever. Still here though

  13. It is hard to believe all this time has gone so fast. I feel 20 years older thanks to crypto

  14. And now I’m over here waiting for it to go under $30k to buy some more!

  15. Interesting. BTC year or year positive or negative determines a bull or bear market?

    Shouldn’t 2018 to mid-2019 be red too?

  16. I believe the biggest difference between this bear market & past bear markets is that in prior bears, we did not know what the future of crypto holds, and if it would survive.

    Now, I feel like everyone is damn near certain crypto is here to stay, and the future is bright

  17. If this bear market was a marathon, we just crossed the finish line with blisters on our feet and our portfolios gasping for air. Also, I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly.

  18. This post feels like the “Mission Accomplished” banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.

  19. Thing is that bitcoin and crypto as a whole is that it is so deeply integrated into the financial system at this point, with institutional investors, and even large companies using it for daily operations… that even with market slumps there’s definitely gonna be another rally, along with regular spikes here and there. If crypto suddenly disappeared one day the entire world economy would be destroyed.

    I mean have you noticed the entire market value of crypto and bitcoin in comparison to other markets and investment vehicles?

    Housing lost 15 billion and it led to a major recession in 2008. All cryptos together are valued at 1.21 trillion right now. If they tried shutting crypto down on a realistic level, it would be ATLEAST another worldwide Great Depression. They wouldn’t dare. Just relax bears.

    If you bears don’t like bear markets and see them as a “nightmare” instead of a very lucrative buying opportunity, then don’t short sell. Otherwise, don’t whine.

    I love bear markets. Best chance to buy more before the great rally. Even if it’s years away. So just shut up and be patient. It’ll get there. Crypto isn’t for short sellers. Crypto rallies run on a 2-4 year time phase.

    Just hold and you’ll have something to look forward to. Tf u mean nightmare lol

  20. I’m ready for the next part. It feels like the start of the bull.

    If the ETF is approved we are good to go.

  21. I really don’t think it was that bad at all… our lows are higher than I expected

  22. It’s because I bought some

    and no, im not selling “I’m going down with the ship!”

  23. Not bad, barely even noticed it anyways. Ready for the 4 year bear market at this point

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