Box arrived open but support says its fine…

My trezor one box arrived ripped open with the plastic on the outside completely gone from the inside of package.

Support says my device is not compromised but it seems really obvious someone accessed my device.

What do you guys think?

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34 thoughts on “Box arrived open but support says its fine…”

  1. I wouldn’t trust it.

    If their support really definitively told you it’s not compromised, that support agent needs to be re-trained and/or Trezor’s policies are wrong. They can’t possibly know that it isn’t, and encouraging you to use this is downright dangerous behavior, even if it’s likely it was accidentally damaged in shipping. They don’t know for sure, and shouldn’t be telling you outright that it’s safe. Those holographic tamper-resistant stickers on the box are there for a reason.

  2. Ah, that’s hard luck mate. I wouldn’t trust it. Could be a stupid incompetent agent responding to your support tticket.

  3. If it’s fine ask them why they bother putting a security seal on the box in the first place.

  4. How sure are you that you contacted the real Trezor support?

    It could be that way because of search/inspection by customs. As far as I know, these devices are made in a single country in Europe, (Czek Republic?), and imported everywhere else.

    It could be that way because it has been used and returned, or it could be adulterated or a fake.


  5. Did you purchase it directly from Trezor, or a different seller?

    If from Trezor, are you sure that the website is the legitimate website? There are fake Trezor websites setup for the purpose of stealing people’s cryptocurrencies.

  6. It could be fine but my trust would be shaken to the core. I would not trust the device for serious storage amounts. Is the tamper sticker still on the device itself?

  7. If someone wanted to open the box, I’m sure he/she would do a better job. It looks like it was damaged but still don’t trust it.

  8. That’s fine. If someone were deliberately trying to scam you they would have opened and closed it more discreetly. This is obviously a shipping accident.

  9. Buy another and/or keep going up the check of customer service until you get a refund or replacement from Trezor. If they keep declining, post their unhelpful replies all over social media until they do the right thing. (Assuming you bought this directly from Trezor, yes?)

  10. Trezor’s security model depends on trusting the firmware, not the hardware. The first step to setting up a new wallet is flashing the blank device with new firmware. Trezor Suite will warn you if the installed firmware is not genuine. Unless you’re storing billions of dollars worth, you’re fine.

  11. I agree with those saying you should be fine, but return it anyway.

    During the initial setup process, Trezor can detect if your firmware was tampered with. If not, you could just factory reset the device and be good to go.

    Also, someone genuinely altering your device for malicious purposes would take much more care in trying to make it look not tampered with.

    Have said all that, I wouldn’t have the peace of mind I crave, which is why I buy directly from Trezor and pay their shipping rather than buying off eBay or Amazon. Even a modest amount of crypto today could be a serious percent of my assets 6 years from now. So I wouldn’t accept the device.

  12. Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Could you post here your ticket ID? We will take a look at your case.

  13. Yeah if you showed up to the bank to put 50k cash in their vault and you saw a gaping hole in it out the side of the building would you let them toss your cash in it?

  14. Would they cover your losses if it is compromised? This is a case of someone with no skin in the game not worried about risk, because it’s not their risk.

  15. What is the seal on the device inside like? Is that still intact? If that seal is still clean and untampered with it should be fine. Take many pictures of the device seal. Take notice of the seal when pulling it off to see if you are the first to do it.

  16. Was the temper proof tape on the device itself? I would return it dude. Tell them it was comprised. And if you purchased it with a credit card, you should dispute the transaction.

  17. Did you call the hand written support post it note inside the box? You’re good to go then.

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