BOB stuck in Uniswap Wallet.

I have BOB a stable coin on Arbitrum in my Uniswap wallet. I'm also holding ETH, Arbitrum, and another in the wallet to cover fees. As you can see in my pictures. I keep trying to swap/sell BOB and it tells me I don't have enough ETH. I obviously have plenty of ETH in the account to cover such a transaction. Idk how to get rid of it. Please help. Text 309-206-8565 or comment here, I'll check back. My name is Jim.

P.S. This sucks.

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5 thoughts on “BOB stuck in Uniswap Wallet.”

  1. have you tried check the gas fee needed? or tried importing the wallet into another defi wallet?

  2. Why does it come up with an error reading eth unavailable or offline when trying to transfer to an ethereum wallet?

  3. You need more Arbitrum ETH, that’s all. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to scam you.

  4. Please fill out this form. The team will assist you as soon as possible.

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