Blocksquare’s BST Token Added To Fiat Checkout on Banxa

Blocksquare, a company that facilitates real estate investment through tokenization, announced a partnership with Banxa, a leader in crypto payment solutions. This partnership will allow users to purchase Blocksquare's BST token using a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. This will make it easier for people to invest in real estate through Blocksquare's platform.

Blocksquare's goal is to make real estate investing more accessible by allowing people to invest in fractions of properties. Banxa's role is to provide the infrastructure for people to easily buy the tokens they need to invest in these properties.


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2 thoughts on “Blocksquare’s BST Token Added To Fiat Checkout on Banxa”

  1. We need more partnerships like this one. I have so many friends that want to get into RWA but wallets and self-custory are still very complicated for them. On-ramp simplification should help bridge that gap.

  2. It seems like BST has already reacted to the news. More exposure for the token is always good.

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