Blockchain In Agriculture; $DMTR As a Trailblazer.

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are growing immensely, there has been a significant move on the part of developers to incorporate other real life activities. Tell me about using blockchain technology to enhance agriculture? Well , this is what DMitra has set out to achieve.

Thus, It is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. The team has varying experience cutting across work experiences with NGOs, development banks et al.

The core intent of the project is to enhance agriculture by providing cutting edge mechanics to boost farming yields while ensuring food security through the sustainable agriculture it intends to bring forth.

To achieve its end goal, the project combines; machine learning, IOT, satellite, drone imagery and genomics all in one suite to provide an extensive and cutting edge farming research. The team has gone further to develop a mobile and web platform which consistently delivers a variety of technologies to farmers, traders and corporations globally.

With the team’s concerted efforts towards achieving its scope and objectives, they have launched a native token $DMTR which fuels the entire ecosystem. It recently got recognition by centralised platforms. I recently set my buy orders at 0.12 on Bitget. Having said all of these; what do y’all think about $DMTR? Let's talk in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Blockchain In Agriculture; $DMTR As a Trailblazer.”

  1. I’m a big fan of this project and its mission, and I’m heavily accumulating it during this dip. Additionally, I’m anticipating the upcoming IDO for the psemesh, as the project aims to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

  2. The blockchain in agriculture enhances in many ways. This reminds me of Farmsent, which teamed up with
    the Peaq network this month to optimize agriculture, empowering farmers and securing food through DePIN.

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