BlackRock Bets Big on Real-World Assets: Tokens to Watch.

The real-world assets tokens to watch include Maple Finance (MPL), Swarm Markets (SMT), Boson Protocol (BOSON). Xremlin also mentioned IX Swap (IXS), Realio Network (RIO), and Dusk Network (DUSK). Each of these projects is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing market.

Xremlin said that Maple Finance stands out because of its on-chain credit marketplace catering to institutional investors. Meanwhile, Swarm Markets offers a licensed DeFi platform for retail and institutional participants. Boson Protocol introduces a blockchain-based e-commerce market, Additionally, IxSwap facilitates liquidity for Security Token Offerings, Realio Network pioneer in digital securities and crypto assets management.
Finally, Dusk Network provides a privacy-centric blockchain for business-compliant smart contracts.

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  2. I have got eyes on the likes of BOSON and DUSK. The likes of ChainLink, Weaver Labs, Filecoin, and Centrifuge are others not mentioned there that I have eyes on in this sector.

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