Bitstamp is holding my 100 k and it doesn’t allow me to sell it

Hi, I'm creating this topic because the bitstamp exchange robbed me of over $100,000 (currently it's 85 due to the drop in value, but still in Poland this amount of money allows me to buy a decent flat). I have been fighting them for over a year to get my funds back, they are currently asking for me to do a wallet signature, where after doing it they suddenly can't open it for unknown reasons, although I did everything right, so I sent them screenshots to confirm. Please bump this post, maybe someone from bitstamp management will notice.

By the way I posted this for a user named SlippyJerry since he is desperate and doesn't have enough karma to post.

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Here is the link he send me.a pic of his balance.

SlippyJimmy is his account can check his recent post comments and you judge is it's real or not.

From SlippyJimmy:

I’ve transferred my funds in 2021 to this exchange from old cold wallet with LTC that I had.I gave them my personal details, papers, birth certificates, etc.After this they blocked my account and funds withdrawal.So they decided to ask me for wallet signature. I did this and they told me that they can’t read this signature.And want to have screenshoots of how I’m doing it.Since then I don’t have any contact with them.

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  1. By the way I’m doing this for a friend in this sub.he can’t post since he has not reach 500 karma yet.his nickname is SlippyJerry.

  2. Bitstamp doesn’t give a shit if you write something here. Especially no management positions.

  3. So you post this on a different account and even comment with this account on the deleted post? We don’t believe you

  4. Yet another reminder of the ‘not your keys not your coins’ line. Hopefully you get it back OP

  5. That’s shit a lot of money. Sometimes there is a post complain that most posts on cc are just repetitive content regarding not your key not your coin. Call their official support and ignore your DMs. Ask a laywer for legal advice if it doesnt work

  6. Sorry OP.

    But who the heck in the right mind will place 100k into a relatively unknown crypto exchange named Bitstamp?

  7. Centralized Exchanges are just like banks. They are a direct attack to the decentralized nature of ‘real’ cryptos.

  8. Another harsh lesson to understand that in a CEX ” Not your keys = not your coins “.

    Sorry to hear that OP, but if you have enough evidence, try to contact some authorities or ruin their reputation.

  9. Go on Twitter and act like a Karen. That’s the only way you might bring some attention. Good luck and sorry to hear.

  10. You should give us some more details on what exactly happened.

    From the little info you provide it sounds like this is about an interaction with an suspicious wallet (maybe a deposit). So why don’t you mention this?


  12. Bludy scammer can find their way to interfere in any technique. Now they gonna put some conditions then demand more from u soon.

  13. •If the exchange can’t access your funds , I doubt anyone here can help you.

    •If they are not giving you a particular reason or any software issue related to it, then probably they are trying to seize the funds for themselves.

    • With no to little info you provided , i doubt this is law related issue.

    •If nothing point towards a solution better go to the authorities and take a legal action against the exchange.

    •I doubt there is bitstamp support here. Go to r/bitstamp or r/bitstampofficial and share it there.

  14. That was my first exchange but I left them when they sent out email that they will drain my account to 0 for inactivity fees. Never looked back even though they reversed the change.

    Good luck to your friend OP.

  15. What are you talking about? 100k in Bitcoin? Or something else? And what wallet do they mean? The wallet you want to withdraw to?

  16. first try to resolve the issue through official channels such as customer support or filing a complaint with regulatory authorities if necessary


    This is the link he send me.its a pic of his crypto balance.

  18. I don’t think Bitstamp works on the same method as Kraken, where you summon their support with but a whisper.


  19. Everyone had their fair share of problems with Bitstamp. Do not keep money on exchanges. Fraudsters everywhere.

  20. Before any legal action, read the terms and conditions, so you don’t end up begging for them to release your funds later.

  21. I’ve never had any trouble with Bitstamp. You must have done something wrong.

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