Bitcoin Whale Scoops Up Nearly $40M in BTC Amidst Price Dip

In a strategic move that underscores confidence in Bitcoin’s (BTC) long-term prospects, a prominent Bitcoin whale has reportedly purchased an additional 620 BTC (approximately $39.8 million) during a recent market downturn. This purchase comes as the cryptocurrency experienced a dip of around 3% earlier today, with the overall market seemingly attempting to regain momentum.
The acquisition was highlighted by Lookonchain in a recent tweet, revealing that this particular whale has been quite active in accumulating Bitcoin over the past month. Since March 21, the entity has acquired a total of 4,380 BTC, amounting to a staggering $282.38 million. These purchases were executed at an average price of $64,471 and were sourced from the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Whale Scoops Up Nearly $40M in BTC Amidst Price Dip”

  1. Bitcoin has a trillion dollar capitalization. $40M is nothing. More like an ant than a whale. Someone buying $5B would be significant.

  2. This is why I don’t stress over short-term dips. Whales see them as opportunities.

  3. I hope this can happen to me through fun or ocean lol, am tired of seeing these posts where everyone else gets so damn lucky

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